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This generation isn't lazy!

SmartStart by Knikkers Uitzendwerk: Your platform to excel and showcase your potential.

At Knikkers Uitzendwerk, we value your dedication and potential as a young person. The SmartStart formula is created especially for you. On this platform, you have the opportunity to demonstrate the strength of your work ethic. This work ethic is translated into an anonymous profile, allowing you to attract the attention of future employers based on your skills and commitment, free from bias.

The SmartStart by Knikkers Uitzendwerk offers you something unique.

Your work ethic is displayed, measured by reliable data.

Prove that your generation is ambitious and driven!

Full compliance with GDPR for your privacy.

Moreover, it is based on fundamental values that are also important to you.

Together we fight against inequality.

We eradicate discrimination in the labor market.

We contribute to fair opportunities for everyone in the Netherlands.

How does it work?

For students: build your work history

As a student, Knikkers Uitzendwerk offers you the chance to gain valuable work experience during your studies. By working with us, you not only build your resume but also develop a work ethic that will appeal to future employers. We provide you the opportunity to present this work ethic anonymously to potential employers. This means you can stand out based on your performance, free from bias.

Employers can select you for an interview based on the information you provide. Your anonymous profile may include hours worked per position, your education, your expected graduation date, and the institution you are studying at. You decide whether or not you want us to process this information. Specific clients may also request different anonymous information from Knikkers Uitzendwerk. You decide whether or not to make this information visible to employers. You can determine and change this yourself. Fully GDPR compliant!

Our promise to you: we keep it simple!

Showcase your value: Present your work ethic and achievements in an anonymous profile to future employers.

Your data, your choice: You decide what information to share - complete control within a GDPR-compliant system.

Fair opportunities: Fight against inequality and labor discrimination with a platform that promotes fair chances.

Build your future: Collect valuable work experience that enriches your resume and advances your career.

Privacy guaranteed: Your privacy is our top priority. We ensure your data is protected and only you decide what is shared.

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This generation isn't lazy!

SmartStart by Knikkers Uitzendwerk: The platform where the next generation excels.

At Knikkers Uitzendwerk, we believe in the strength and potential of the younger generation. Our SmartStart formula is designed with precision to connect you with the most motivated starters. On our platform, you can see the work ethic of our temporary workers, objectified in an anonymous profile. This allows you to select the right candidate based on their proven commitment and skills, free of bias. This ensures that you bring in the top talents of tomorrow.

The SmartStart by Knikkers Uitzendwerk is unique.

Work ethic as a standard based on valid data.

It proves that this generation is not lazy!

Fully GDPR-compliant.

In addition, it is built on a foundation of these core values.

It fights against inequality.

It eradicates labor discrimination root and branch.

It contributes to the restoration of equal opportunities in the Netherlands.

How does it work?

Integrate work ethic into your recruitment strategy with SmartStart by Knikkers Uitzendwerk

We offer a platform where you get access to a selection of motivated, hardworking starters ready to begin their professional journey with enthusiasm. You get the chance to find candidates who not only have the necessary skills but whose work ethic seamlessly aligns with the ethos of your company.

The anonymized profiles of our candidates provide in-depth insights into their work experience, skills, and educational background, allowing you to make an informed choice based on objective criteria. This approach eliminates biases, enabling you to select purely based on talent and suitability.

At Knikkers Uitzendwerk, you can view and request specific information that is important to you. We ensure that all shared information complies with the GDPR, so you can be sure of a transparent and legal selection process.

Need more specific data? You can determine your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in consultation, which we then integrate into our system. This refines the search process, allowing you to identify starters more efficiently who are not only qualified but also truly fit what your company stands for.

Our promise: we keep it simple!

Direct match: Access to a pre-screened pool of talent, directly linked to your needs.

Objective assessment: Anonymized profiles based on valid data for an unbiased selection.

Custom KPIs: The ability to apply your own performance indicators for a seamless integration with your company culture.

GDPR compliance: Full compliance with the GDPR, so you can recruit with confidence.

Flexibility in data: Choose the information you see, request additional data, and maintain control over the selection process.

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